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Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls can be a great addition to any building project. Whether there is a tree impeding on your new extension, or just branches damaging your roof, MMC Construction has a solution for you. With crime on the increase, give your home that added security which will in turn create peace of mind for you and your family, which is an integral part of living in South Africa.

Specialist boundary walls and security measures can easily be designed and implemented, whether custom designed for your new dream home, or as an extension or renovation to your existing property.

Apart from demarcating the boundary of your property, boundary walls can also add an aesthetic quality to your home as well as offer additional privacy and security.

Perimeter enclosures can take the form of a combination of brick or stone walls, steel palisading, stainless steel, galvanized or painted gates, or precast walling to name just a few.

Boundary Walls are quite important and we can offer a variety of walls. Stone walls and brick walls are our specialty. We also have a lot of experience installing gate type fencing, palisade fencing, electric fencing and stainless steel security fencing. If you need any form of boundary to protect or separate your property, (Even if it is just to keep your pets in your property), please get in touch with us below and we will find you a solution, no matter what you are looking at doing.

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